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Liana and Aaron here. Welcome to the food page of our blog! Aaron and I are MAJOR foodies. I’m not kidding you, we LOVE to eat. We used to be obsessed with going to AYCE (all you can eat) places, but quickly realized our bodies couldn’t handle that much after college.

Most weeks you’ll catch me meal prepping healthy food options (it’s a life-saver during the work week), and Aaron will be baking up something delicious (cinnamon rolls. baguettes, and focaccia? YES PLEASE). We’ll share our recipes, meal plans, and all the yummy food with you.

Stay tuned! It’s TIME TO CRUNCH.

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Hi, I’m Liana. I work in the wonderful world of technology as a Demand Generation Manager. Outside of my 9-5 life, I’m pursuing my many passions alongside my husband and fur baby. I love writing about our adventures, yummy meals, and our journey to FIRE (financial independence retire early).

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