Once Upon a Time… We Graduated Early and Went to Europe

Since we’re currently in the middle of a global pandemic, we thought we’d relive one of our best adventures. Let us take you back to the spring of 2017 – when we had the literal time of our lives.

For some background, I (Liana) tend to come up with crazy ideas and beg Aaron to go along with me. He, like the responsible adult he is, always tells me to “do my research.” Over time, I’ve learned I need to create a sales pitch for my unusual plans and try to win Aaron over 😉

I’m a dreamer, but I’m also practical. At the beginning of our senior year, I realized that we could graduate a quarter early. That may not seem like a huge deal, but college is EXPENSIVE. So, a quarter less of tuition makes a huge difference.

We also somehow pulled ourselves into working A LOT during our senior year of college. I worked in a full-time corporate sales job, and Aaron worked part-time (20 hours a week). But we both had a full schedule of classes. Needless to say, we were busy and exhausted. Through months of waking up early, working hard, and studying to pass our last few college classes, we were able to save up a decent chunk of money. (I want to call out that we are privileged. Our parents supported us financially through college. We were only able to do everything we did because of them and the privilege we grew up with).

Based on our savings and ability to graduate early, we decided it was entirely possible to go on an extended graduation trip and travel through Europe together before starting our full-time jobs that summer. We spent 6.5 glorious weeks traveling through England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Greece, and France.

In the next few blog posts, we’ll take you through our journey through Europe – the places, the food, the accommodations, etc. Stay tuned!

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